Hi our names our Owen and Jonny and our favourite part at Lockerbie  was absailing. well mine was Jonny on the other hand not so well he was scared a lot and I mean a lot and when he was close to the bottom he said “yay I got the hang of it”but then realised he was a meter high. But when I went I just really wanted to jump but the guides  wouldn’t let me. But  I just did it anyway. sooooooo o well.

now on to Jonnys favourite part i just want to point out I wasn’t scared on absailing (well me and Owen will talk about that) so I liked orientiering.the group was me,Owen(again oh god) mason,Louis and Adam it was so funny because we were all saying lets go here no here no over there and.owen talking so of course I was amazing at it so back to you Jonny.what I was going to say is we made alias with Nicholas Shara Katie and someone else I don’t know who they were maybe they’ll say something in the comments I don’t know so any who we made alias with them and when we found all our letters they still had one more so we had a vote leave them or stay with them Owen and Louis said stay but the rest of us said leave so we left them and  we lost Owen and Louis were right we should of stayed.Thats the end of our blog you don’t know we may make another one who knows so many that’s bye from me Owen and bye from me jonny. CYA!!