Lockerbie week away!

Last week year 6 went on a 4 day trip to Scotland, Lockerbie.

On the way to Lockerbie we sat with our friend trying to amuse our selves for 2 hours.

We did many fun activities but our favarite one was the Crate Stack. So you had a team of 6 people  that all did different jobs. Two people would do the job of passing the crates up to the crate stacker who would stack them up. Three people were in charge of making sure the crate stacker didn’t fall to there doom. (Belaying). Mrs Davidson was ruthless when it came to knocking the crates down. The other teachers all gave a count down. Mrs Davidson didn’t!

You were all put into groups .We were in group 6. Of course we did rafting and boy it was fun. We built the rafts out of barrels , rope and long wooden planks.

Our last activity before we left was climbing. Most of us reached the half way point or above. How ever Richie managed to fly around the wall in his harness around  6 times. He looked like a flapping bird shouting cheese over and over again. In the end he had to come down.

The other activitys were orienteering ,abseiling , hill walk (more like a Hike than a walk) , mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, low ropes , blind trail and archery.

The Food was amazing!!!!!  On the first night we were surprised on how many options there were . Breakfast options were always the same. We had egg and beans and hash browns every day.  Each evening for dinner the was a pudding such as a muffin , cookie , ice cream. Unfortually we missed doughnuts because we left before dinner.

pods. In the pods you would share with 3 or 2 other friends. They were extremely cosy. There was 2 bunk beds on either side of the room. In the middle you could keep your suit cases. This was were we spent our free time. Well whenever we had free time which was very rare.

All together it was the best trip we have ever had!

The End