Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Annabel’s review of: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Author: Jeff Kinney
Genre: Fiction

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a bassicly a diary written by a boy named Greg.I’ve recently started reading this hilarious book and I got so stuck into it I finished it in less that two days!It’s not like a book when there’s a big problem and it takes it ages to find a solution,it’s one when there’s LOADS of little problems.You would probably think all good books have a problem that does get fixed…well not this one.There’s too many problems that happen that Jeff Kinney has just done a mixture of which ones he’s going to find a solution for.I would give an example of one but saying as it’s a very popular book I don’t want to spoil it for any veiwers out there so I’m just going to wrap it up now.
Thank you for reading my review.
I recommend you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid????.
You won’t regret it!

Ancient Egyptian Decoraters 🎨

This term 5/6 have been learning about Egyptians.For the last week or two we’ve been put into groups where we had to make a presentation about the job you got given.I got put with Imogen,Priya and Ella and we were doing the … DECORATORS!We were all really happy,plus our presentation went really well😄!So here are some facts we said in our presentation.

.The decorators had to make the colours themselves!

.It was quicker to carve the pictures instead of cut them.

They practice on a flake of stone.

.Suferfaces had to be smooth to cut.