Ancient Egyptian Decoraters 🎨

This term 5/6 have been learning about Egyptians.For the last week or two we’ve been put into groups where we had to make a presentation about the job you got given.I got put with Imogen,Priya and Ella and we were doing the … DECORATORS!We were all really happy,plus our presentation went really well😄!So here are some facts we said in our presentation.

.The decorators had to make the colours themselves!

.It was quicker to carve the pictures instead of cut them.

They practice on a flake of stone.

.Suferfaces had to be smooth to cut.

Class 11: Ancient Egyptian Topic Logs

Wow! What amazing work I have seen today inside your topic logs, Class 11. I’m so proud of the work you have produced at home over the last few weeks. What a creative bunch you all are!

From books which are beautifully presented and put together to Lorie’s sphinx sculpture, Nadeen’s painting, Oscar’s sweetie canopic jar, Lucy’s hand crafted clay canopic jars (complete with internal organs!), Annelie’s papier-mache sarcophagus and Annabel’s model of an Ancient Egyptian civilisation (including a shaduf!), there was something for everyone to enjoy!

Take a look at the photos of our work and please leave a comment or a question and we’ll try to answer them.


Banana Mummification!

In Ancient Egyptian times people, including pharaohs, were often mummified after they died. We have investigated what happens during the mummification process but couldn’t find any willing volunteers, so we used bananas instead! We removed the ‘internal organs’ and threw them away and then packed the ‘body’ with a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda which is similar to the natron used by Ancient Egyptians. This was then wrapped in paper and placed in an airtight ‘coffin’ for three weeks. Today, we unwrapped our mummies to see what had happened. Read on to find out what we discovered!