Lockerbie manor trip


last week most of the year sixes went on a residential trip to Lockerbie  for 4 days and 3 nights .

I loved waking up to my friends dying squirrel snoring noise.           Locherby residential trip and squirrels

I loved the really high climbing wall which was cinda hard but I got to the top

I found the mountain biking fun and I was nearly dying of laughter when a girl called Alana Parker fell of her bike (hahahahaha)

My best bits was my friend who wouldn’t stop fixing his hair it was so annoying!!!!!!!!

I loved archery but I think that’s just because I got a bullseye so but I really enjoyed it

i was getting sick of all my friends singing ,somebody once told me the world was going to rule me I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed , it was so annoying .

AND THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!!!! For the last day it was fishy Friday and it was amazing could you tell me if you had fishy Friday’s.

one of my favourite things was low ropes becaus I was in a brilliant team of Josh and Jamie and they were so surportive and helped me threw the corse even the parts I didn’t want to do they were the best teammates ever.


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