We didn’t go to Lockerbie

I was left behind left behind. Yes that’s right we didn’t go to Lockerbie. But if you are asking did we miss the bus no, no we didn’t miss the bus we were just not going to Lockerbie ( But if I was going maybe I would be late) and it left us devastated.

Also if you are asking why I didn’t go well the answer to that is quite simple my mum said “No!” I tried to persuade her but it was just a no! I would probably think if you were in my position you wouldn’t be able to persuade her.

Now, let’s talk about what happened inside school first we’ll talk about maths, since Mrs Turner was at Lokerbie we were with one of toughest teachers when it comes to maths the deputy head Mr Sheperd. But you wouldn’t believe what happened? Mr Sheperd was being nice and didn’t make us do work for most of that week technically we were just helping year 5’s with their work.

Next, we shall move on to my favourite subject English but my favourite English teacher had gone to Lokerbie Miss Mullholland so it wasn’t as good. So, I was stuck with one of the most ruthless teacher Mr Knight. Only joking, you could say I had a pretty decent time because I kind of did my favourite thing in English we did persuasion.

So that’s pretty much what happened thanks for listening. Feel free to tell me about your week in Holland!