Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Annabel’s review of: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Author: Jeff Kinney
Genre: Fiction

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a bassicly a diary written by a boy named Greg.I’ve recently started reading this hilarious book and I got so stuck into it I finished it in less that two days!It’s not like a book when there’s a big problem and it takes it ages to find a solution,it’s one when there’s LOADS of little problems.You would probably think all good books have a problem that does get fixed…well not this one.There’s too many problems that happen that Jeff Kinney has just done a mixture of which ones he’s going to find a solution for.I would give an example of one but saying as it’s a very popular book I don’t want to spoil it for any veiwers out there so I’m just going to wrap it up now.
Thank you for reading my review.
I recommend you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid????.
You won’t regret it!

About Cleopatra

Do you think that all Egyptian pharoas were men?if you think yes then you were wrong but you were close because there was actually only one recorded female pharaoh in history. Her name was Cleopatra and I’m about to explain her love life to you. Before the story of Antony and Cleopatra’s love,she was in a relationship with the one and only julius ceaser,a roman general. But we are not going to go over there entire love life,just the end. Julius ceaser was murdered one day by a temple in Rome,when the news got over to Cleopatra she couldn’t bear to do anything and mourned for a couple of weeks,but then one day,she decided to end her grief and let a snake bite her through the heart so she could be with her love in the after life.

Ancient Egyptian Decoraters 🎨

This term 5/6 have been learning about Egyptians.For the last week or two we’ve been put into groups where we had to make a presentation about the job you got given.I got put with Imogen,Priya and Ella and we were doing the … DECORATORS!We were all really happy,plus our presentation went really well😄!So here are some facts we said in our presentation.

.The decorators had to make the colours themselves!

.It was quicker to carve the pictures instead of cut them.

They practice on a flake of stone.

.Suferfaces had to be smooth to cut.

Researching the poop💩

Class 11 of Benton Park Primary School got to dissect poos to find out who’s poo was who and who ate what.Here are our instructions:

.We got given a poo sample,either A,B,or C.

.We had to use a knife and tweezers to pick stuff out of the poo.

. Look at the stuff,and see what it was.

Me and Owen found a lot of stuff,which made me think sample A was the pharaohs poo.However,the entire class make it that A was the soldiers poo,B was the pharaohs poo,and C was the peasants poo.Pharoah poos have exotic fruits in them.Soldier poos have things like fish bones in them.However,the peasant poos don’t have as much in them because they couldn’t afford fish bones.

So what do you think?Will it be the pharaoh,the soldier,or the peasant poo?Good luck on the dissecting!😀

my new school

My new school is good I’ve got loads of friends my teacher is nice its all good. But I really miss my friends like danny,josh,ethan,Sam,alfie.                                                                                                                                                            By Louis

bye Benton park primary school


Bring back our school crossing patrol!

Mr Knight’s and Mrs Turner’s English classes are busy researching the reasons behind the decision to take away our lollipop lady on Corchester Walk. The children will be writing to Newcastle City Council about this issue next week and would like to hear the views of other people affected by this. These views will form part of the letters they write to persuade the council to bring back our crossing patrol.

What are your opinions on the decision to end the crossing patrol, and your reasons for them? Do you have any suggestions as to how the safety of pedestrians (particularly the children) could be improved? Do you have anything else you wish to add?

Please leave your comments below.



Class 11: Ancient Egyptian Topic Logs

Wow! What amazing work I have seen today inside your topic logs, Class 11. I’m so proud of the work you have produced at home over the last few weeks. What a creative bunch you all are!

From books which are beautifully presented and put together to Lorie’s sphinx sculpture, Nadeen’s painting, Oscar’s sweetie canopic jar, Lucy’s hand crafted clay canopic jars (complete with internal organs!), Annelie’s papier-mache sarcophagus and Annabel’s model of an Ancient Egyptian civilisation (including a shaduf!), there was something for everyone to enjoy!

Take a look at the photos of our work and please leave a comment or a question and we’ll try to answer them.


Lockerbie week away!

Last week year 6 went on a 4 day trip to Scotland, Lockerbie.

On the way to Lockerbie we sat with our friend trying to amuse our selves for 2 hours.

We did many fun activities but our favarite one was the Crate Stack. So you had a team of 6 people  that all did different jobs. Two people would do the job of passing the crates up to the crate stacker who would stack them up. Three people were in charge of making sure the crate stacker didn’t fall to there doom. (Belaying). Mrs Davidson was ruthless when it came to knocking the crates down. The other teachers all gave a count down. Mrs Davidson didn’t!

You were all put into groups .We were in group 6. Of course we did rafting and boy it was fun. We built the rafts out of barrels , rope and long wooden planks.

Our last activity before we left was climbing. Most of us reached the half way point or above. How ever Richie managed to fly around the wall in his harness around  6 times. He looked like a flapping bird shouting cheese over and over again. In the end he had to come down.

The other activitys were orienteering ,abseiling , hill walk (more like a Hike than a walk) , mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, low ropes , blind trail and archery.

The Food was amazing!!!!!  On the first night we were surprised on how many options there were . Breakfast options were always the same. We had egg and beans and hash browns every day.  Each evening for dinner the was a pudding such as a muffin , cookie , ice cream. Unfortually we missed doughnuts because we left before dinner.

pods. In the pods you would share with 3 or 2 other friends. They were extremely cosy. There was 2 bunk beds on either side of the room. In the middle you could keep your suit cases. This was were we spent our free time. Well whenever we had free time which was very rare.

All together it was the best trip we have ever had!

The End