My special award

Hi I’m called Ruby Rose and I have a dad. We both have the same personalities outgoing. We also have similar hobbies such as footy wildlife and fishing to name a few . Why I am writing this post is because I was on Holliday in Devon and on the last my mum and dad gave me a surprise I would be going on my first fishing trip ever I was soooo exited. When I got there I was taught how to fish and what to do and what not . Then I was set off to fish on my own after my lesson we went for lunch .we got chips from the chip shop. After lunch we were set off to fish by our self and it was soooooo fun . In the end we (me and my dad) caught 13 fish but technically I caught 15 but 2 got away when I was bringing them in . It rained a little but the day was great. At the end I got a certificate for talking part in the international  fishing .

bye from Ruby Rose

P.S Don’t forget I would like to know if you have been fishing before and what your story’s are.

And if any teachers have photos of ME fishing please can you make a comment with them on because I can figure out how to put the photos of me fishing on!