My holidays…

Hi!Im Nicholas and I’d like to tell you about my holidays off school.

My holiday was pretty boring,really,because I stayed at home.But most of the days I went to my Grandmas house.Ill tell you what I did there.


Today it was raining,yes,the boring rain.But my Grandad took me around the block to walk their pet dog,Alfie.Every time we done the same boring routine:Around a back lane,along the grove,and back to no.20 The Oval.


In the afternoon,I done a “Where’s Wally” jigsaw with Grandma.I didn’t quite complete it before Mam came and picked me up,because it was a 250 piece jigsaw.Mind you,it would be nice to complete it,wouldn’t it?So try your best!


Today was a long time,because I got to Grandmas an hour early.I normally get there by 9:00,but Mam picks me up at 15:00.We had chilly for lunch,which is just spicy mince with kidney beans and onions.I thought it was real tasty,so get that mouth out!😛


At Grandmas,I ate sausages and mash for lunch.🍴.I was also served with Brussels sprouts and a Yorkshire pudding.I finished first,which is quite achieving.Usually Grandad finishes first,but I managed to scrap it up before him.For dessert,there was rice pudding.Man,it was relish.

On Friday,Me,Mam and Dad went to this posh restaurant called Amicis.Me and Mam shared potato skins and garlic bread for starters.The mains were a Pollo pizza for me,which was chicken and garlic.Me an d Dad had iced cream for dessert 🍨,and just to say,I was like”Nom Nom”with mine.Now that’s some good food!

Agoodgoodbye for now!

Researching the poop💩

Class 11 of Benton Park Primary School got to dissect poos to find out who’s poo was who and who ate what.Here are our instructions:

.We got given a poo sample,either A,B,or C.

.We had to use a knife and tweezers to pick stuff out of the poo.

. Look at the stuff,and see what it was.

Me and Owen found a lot of stuff,which made me think sample A was the pharaohs poo.However,the entire class make it that A was the soldiers poo,B was the pharaohs poo,and C was the peasants poo.Pharoah poos have exotic fruits in them.Soldier poos have things like fish bones in them.However,the peasant poos don’t have as much in them because they couldn’t afford fish bones.

So what do you think?Will it be the pharaoh,the soldier,or the peasant poo?Good luck on the dissecting!😀