Me and my friend Maya both celebrated Halloween she went trick or treating and I went to a party.  This is Maya, I went to my friends house in gosforth and we got so many sweets. I went as a vampire witch.  Hi this Lucy, I went to a Halloween party on the 28th but wait for this… the caretaker of my school was there! It was so awkward oh yeah I went as Chihero from Spirited Away and my mum went as No-Face from the same movie. My sister was soo cute she was wearing a spider costume, helping herself to crisps and dancing crazily!


On the 26th me and my friends went to Lockerbie which was amazing! The food there was lush you could have a cooked breakfast everyday and cereal. My and my friends in my pod (dorm) couldn’t get to sleep the first night , we were so tired the next day. My friend Hunny fell of the bed! Then she slept  on the floor! We did 13 activities in total.

Blind trail,climbing wall,ab-sailing,kayaking,canoeing,rafting,low ropes,crate stack,jacobs ladder(a big ladder you have to climb),hill walk,mountain biking,orienteering,archery .

My favourite was crate stack because you are attached to a harness at you have to stack crates underneath you with the help of crate passers. It was really fun!

At the abseiling this boy called Jaiden pranked everyone into thinking he was pasest he even fooled the teacher! Oh yeah I also fell in the water in kayaking , the water was so cold.

Lockerbie was so fun!

Bye for now!