Hello this is Katie and Ava. We will be telling you about our amazing trip to Lockerbie. We were in different groups but in the same pod and canoe. First Ava will be talking about the activities that she did and  then I will be talking about what I did after. Sit back,relax and enjoy.

Hiya, it’s Ava, so first I want to talk about my abseiling activity. I didn’t do it, but I went to the top to check how high it was. I went back down cause I didn’t want to do it. Also I wanted to see what was wrong with one of my class mates Jaiden. He was acting unusual. He hardly blinked and hardly talked! And kept falling over. We were all very scared and I’m sure a couple of us had nightmares! Some of us even cried! Then he said it was all a prank and I stared crying of laughter! Also if was night, dark and wet! Now Katie will be talking about her abseiling fun.

Hiyaa,it’s me Katie back again and I will be talking about what my abseiling fun. I was waiting in the shed until it was my turn to abseil. I was so excited. Until I saw how high up it was,I was shaking and when I was leaning back and I thought that I was gonna die! So I ended up not doing it,I really wish that I did though.

Ok Ava here! I am going to be talking about my raft building adventure. We used 6 barrels,4 ropes and 4 logs. We tied the barrels together and under the ropes we had the logs. Then we went on the lake. Some of us fell of and some of us jumped in! I got pushed in. It was so cold! Josh.P was the only person who didn’t fall in. Once you got in there was no choice you had to push the raft it was very hard to get back in the raft! As well it was hard to breathe and talk because the water was so cold and heavy on your chest.

Hello, it’s Katie again. I will be talking about my raft building. It wasn’t easy to make. It was hard work paddling and I ended up falling in.

Ava back! I will be talking about my blind trail trip. First we went in the woods like a conga line and went through a maze. Then we got into partners and this was the messy part. I got into partners with Jamie and he put his blindfold on while I took mine off and guided him though obstacles. We had to follow the ropes and I led him through a tunnel full of wet ooyee mud. Then realised he went in there for no reason because we went the wrong way. ” It’s a BUSHTUCKER TRAIL” he said!

Hi,it’s me Katie and I will be talking about crate stacking. We had to stack these crates and we were hooked into this harness thing. I fell down but had not a scratch.

Hi it’s me Ava and Katie! And we are going to tell you about are pod jokes/fun! (We were in the same pod with Lorie and Dani) Me and Katie were playing a card game called cheats and instead of saying ace of spades,I said ace of cheats. Me and Katie made up a pod song called four little wormies. We would type the lyrics but it is too long.


That at was our Lockerbie trip. How was yours?