Plastic Uses.

Hi, it’s Ava.

A lot of you act like a bunch of kids while using straws, blowing bubbles with them and everything. But did you know these straws goes somewhere that causes danger and trouble! Plastic goes to waste, and then goes to get crushed but what happens to the little shreds of plastic?

All the little shreds of plastic goes into the sea! There is so much plastic in the sea now, 90% of the rubbish in the ocean is plastic. There is a little island of plastic on the sea.

Plastic can be very sharp. All this plastic can get into the fish and cause problems to the fish. It also causes something to us! We eat fish and if there is any plastic in the fish we could all get very ill.

We need to persuade the cafe and restrantes out there to quit plastic straws and cups and change them to paper. Paper just desolves in water so it won’t cause harm. It will also save a lot of money using paper.

So let’s make a diffrent and stop using plastic and chucking it out! Let’s save the sea!

Bye from Ava.