33 thoughts on “Scenic Poetry”

  1. The Snow

    The snow falls down on the ground
    He covers the bare earth
    Like a cotton blanket
    But eventually the sun comes out
    And the snow says good bye

  2. The Mountain

    The mountains clouds were as fluffy as cotton balls,
    The peak of the mountain was as sharp as the edge of the knife,
    The sky was as blue as the crystal blue sea,
    The snow blanketed it all.

  3. The mountain

    The mountain glares down like a bird
    As cold as a penguin
    Touching the clouds like a giraffe
    As white as a polar bear

  4. The Ocean Sunset

    As the ocean slides to shore,
    The sunset falls even more.

    All you can hear is a little splash,
    When the sea is in a morning dash.

    Then each breath is a super-sized wave,
    Coming to shore to rage.

  5. The forest

    The green growth shoots
    Through the dark brown mud
    If you walk through with boots
    You will never hear a thud

    By Ethan

  6. The blazing beach

    The sun nestles for the night in a bed of clouds
    Watching over the sea as if it was a baby
    Froth bubbles on the beach ,
    Then retreats back to the sea
    about to say goodnight and collapse into bed to turn out the lights.
    .Good night.
    By Ruby Rose

  7. Snow
    I am like a white fluffy blanket.
    I am like a freezer outdoors.
    My subzero temperature freezes all to ice in my way
    The sun melts me slowly

  8. The Mountain

    The mountain
    The tallest castle with a cloudy flag
    As rocky as a climbing wall
    Reaching up to outer space
    It’s snowy blanket on top

    It towers over like a giant
    Sitting above wispy clouds
    Slowly shrinking after rain
    Homes of many ancient people
    It’s snow roars to the bottom

  9. The mountain

    The snowy mountains stands high
    Above the fluffy clouds,
    Standing on guard.
    Down below the snow settles
    And stays completely frozen.

  10. The sunset
    The sunset drops out of the golden sky and disappears.
    The sunset descends over the horizon.
    It slips below the waves like a submarine.
    In the summer the sunset reflects off the sea
    The sunset is a beautiful sight.

  11. The Two Suns Rising

    The two suns growing,
    The clouds protecting one not another,
    Only with his watery companions,
    And some stinky seaweed.

  12. The sunset
    The sun is bright as lava ,
    Looking at the sea ,
    Looks like a flower ,
    But never has a bee ,
    The sun looks at me ,
    The sun looks at you,
    The sun looks everywhere,
    Isn’t that true?

  13. The Forest

    The sun stares down at the tree.
    Animals walk through it in wonder
    Plants grow up trees as he stands there alone.
    The forest is a loner.

  14. Winter frost

    The winner frost
    Spreading ice
    Peeking through the frosty tree
    Shining bright behind the icy trees
    The sun swings by the winter frost.

  15. The sunrise

    The sun peeks over the clouds,
    And makes a perfect reflection dancing across the waves,
    Orange red and yellow too.
    Don’t you wish you could see it too?

  16. The forest
    The sun peeks through the forest trees as it turns morn,
    The forest comes alive as the sun hides
    The creatures go to find the sun but it’s gone.

  17. The Snow

    The snow
    A land of dreams and fun
    The frosty blanket on top of the earth
    Spreading over frozen lakes
    A little sunshine and no more snow for a weekend

  18. The Forest
    Trees standing like soldiers
    Whilst the sun is just peeking in.
    Birds tweeting happily
    Bugs scuttling across the forest floor.
    The forest is alive.

  19. The Snow

    The snow,
    As thick as a soft blanket,
    As cold as an ice berg,
    Freezing the trees,
    Who are trying to set themselves free,
    Footprints are guiding themselves around the forest,
    Trying to find their way out of the maze,
    As the night comes in.

  20. The sunset
    Waves crashing against the shore
    The sun collapsing from view
    Sky looking like a giant fire
    The red sand becomes untouchable

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