Bring back our school crossing patrol!

Mr Knight’s and Mrs Turner’s English classes are busy researching the reasons behind the decision to take away our lollipop lady on Corchester Walk. The children will be writing to Newcastle City Council about this issue next week and would like to hear the views of other people affected by this. These views will form part of the letters they write to persuade the council to bring back our crossing patrol.

What are your opinions on the decision to end the crossing patrol, and your reasons for them? Do you have any suggestions as to how the safety of pedestrians (particularly the children) could be improved? Do you have anything else you wish to add?

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34 thoughts on “Bring back our school crossing patrol!”

  1. I think we should bring back the lollipop lady because it is not safe for children walking to and from school on a busy road whiteout a lollipop lady

  2. Really really dangerous to have taken away the crossing patrol. Especially when you consider the volume of traffic outside the Ministry building and barely anyone gives way to allow people to cross safely.

    A poorly thought out decision by NCC

  3. I think it is really sad and difficult without the lolly pop lady. I really miss her lovely smile I think it is scary crossing the road because of the cars XXX

  4. It’s a really busy junction without any pedestrian crossing. Children trying to cross the road are vulnerable to being hit by a car. I wish the council would bring back the lovely Lollipop lady so parents can have peace of mind when their children are going to school.

  5. I asked my sister on her thoughts about no lollipop lady or crossing patrol on Corchester Walk:
    “How do you feel about no lollipop lady or zebra crossing on Corchester Walk?”
    “Well this area dosn’t affect me on a daily basis,however I do have friends who have to cross there to get to school,” Holly answers
    “Some of those people have younger siblings/ cousins and if they happen to run ahead and don’t know where to stop they could get severely hurt!”

  6. “I think it is atrocious because lots of young children have to cross that road.” James W aged 9

    “I don’t think they should have got rid of Heather because it endangers small children. ” Harry W age 11

    “It is a bad idea to get rid of our lollypop lady. I want children’s lives to be as safe as possible.” Adam W (dad)

    “I do not believe that ending the crossing patrol is a safe or sensible decision. This is a very busy road with a high volume of traffic using Corchester Walk to access the entrance to the ministry and a large amount of children cross this road travelling to and from school.
    I read that Newcastle City Council have cut all but two of the city’s school crossing patrols, saving £212,000. Can we really put a price of the safety of our children? I would like Newcastle City Council to reconsider these cuts and find alternative ways to save money.” Julie W (mum)

  7. There is no alternative other than to bring back the lollipop lady. Children’s safety should be of paramount importance to the council- it should never be considered along side cost cutting agendas. This is a very busy road first thing in the morning and it is very unsafe for children walking to school (which they are encouraged to do)!

  8. We walk this way to school every day. It is a really busy junction. In the mornings it is difficult to cross because although some drivers do stop and let us across it is hard to see if they are letting you cross or just stopping at the junction.
    In the evenings it is worse as we have to cross between the queuing traffic and it is really hard to see if there are cars coming in the opposite direction. As the nights are getting darker this is becoming more of a problem.
    Year 5 and 6 children need to be more independent to prepare them for moving on to secondary school, but it is difficult to do this safely when we are effectively asking them to disregard everything we have taught them about road safety and not crossing between cars.
    I accept that it is unlikely that the council will reinstate the lollipop lady, but there are other options like a zebra or pelican crossing that would give us all a safe area to cross and serve as an added visual reminder to drivers that there are children crossing.
    James Gs Mum

  9. This is my Mums opinion

    TENS OF THOUSANDS of people work in HMRC Benton.
    THOUSANDS of cars access HMRC via Corchester Walk cross roads.
    HUNDREDS of people cross at the Corchester Road cross roads.
    SCORES of children use the cross roads at peak time on their way to primary school.
    MANY of them may have hearing impairments relying even more on safety patrol.
    NCC have to see that removing crossing safety patrols impacts on a whole community. A community that is proud to have their children attend an outstanding school whose primary Ethos is to be safe and happy .

    NCC can make a safe and happy start to a safe and happy school by bringing back ONE crossing patrol person!

  10. As a governor I am really worried about the council taking the crossing patrols away outside schools but especially outside Benton Park as it is such a busy road. Children need to be able to get to school safely with their families when they are younger and, perhaps, if possible, on their own or with their friends as they get older.

    I know that the council are short of money but we need to think very carefully about priorities and what is important. Crossing patrols keep children safe and are therefore important. They benefit drivers too – no driver wants to harm a child and that is more likely if the patrols are removed. Keeping the patrols would mean employment for a few more people round the city which is good and children get to know another adult who is looking after their safety.

    Overall, I’m in support of any campaign to keep crossing patrols.

    Jane Edminson
    Chair of Governors

  11. Anthorpe Gardens that leads on to Corchester Walk is such a busy road due to the ministry, with the busiest times being around 8-9am and 3-4pm due to their flexible working hours. It is not safe for children to cross the road without any assistance to help slow the traffic and/or make cars stop to allow children to cross in a safely manner. Heather not only ensured childrens safety but knew all of their names and had a good rapport with all of the children and parents, making the school run to Benton Park friendly and welcoming before even entering the gates. Having a lolly pop lady means crossing can be controlled allowing a larger group of children to cross safely rather than cars stopping and starting to allow one or two children across at a time. I can imagine this would also benefit those who work at the ministy as this would allow a better flow of traffic, reduce the risk of any car accidents (as there has been lots of near mises) and most importantly keep our children safe.

    This is a very busy road without the lollypop lady It’s a hazard for the amount of children needing to cross safely!

  13. “It is TERRIBLE that the lollipop lady has been took away. That road is very dangerous because of all of the cars coming in and out of the Ministry BRING BACK THE LOLLY POP LADYS!!!”

    Diane (Priyas Mam)

  14. It is not safe without the lolly pop lady because you could get hurt and there is nobody to stop the cars so people can cross the road safely. The lolly pop lady was so kind and we want her back.She keeps everyone safe and happy about the safety of the road she does keep us so safe.Please bring her back.She was so helpful about the safety of the road and she kept us so safe and sound.i liked her.

  15. Thousands of people work at the Ministry and the Ainthorpe Gardens entrance is heavily used at school start and end times. These are drivers who have just battled rush hour or who are hoping for a quick getaway to beat it. Traffic in the surrounding area is notoriously slow and many drivers are already tense from having been sat in it, or possibly running late because of it. Sometimes parked cars belonging to residents narrow the road to single file, so drivers must negotiate with oncoming traffic in the middle of the road, plus keep an eye out for cars turning at the junction. These are the conditions in which our children must cross.

    As the natural crossing point is at a junction it is hard to know whether a car has seen you and stopped to let you cross or whether they have just paused to look for cars. It is difficult for an adult to judge, let alone a child, which is such an impediment to year 5 & 6 children who are ready for some independence. It is even more treacherous with younger siblings in tow, especially if you’re on bikes (aren’t we trying to encourage children to get more exercise?)

    It is also awkward for a driver to judge given that stopping holds up the traffic behind you, if there is a steady stream of families waiting to cross how many do you let through? The Lollipop lady helped those on both sides.

    At the very least, the children need a zebra or pelican crossing to give them a clear crossing point, though there is a danger that it would be blocked by queuing traffic anyway. If ever there was a clear need for a crossing guard then surely this must be it.

  16. I think it’s a rubish choice the NCC made and they should bring back our beloved patrol officer! Why us , Corchester walk is one of the busys road I know and this is why we should write to the council to protest and if we are not allowed a patrol officer at least a zebra crossing.

  17. I cycle down Corchester Walk daily and ministry cars regularly drive straight across the junction without stopping. I now have to ensure my full lights are on and to slow down to avoid being seriously injured. It is by far the most dangerous part of my 8 mile journey.

    The patrol officer helped the children but, if I remember correctly, didn’t cover the full 7.30 – 9.00 and 3.00 – 6.00 period. Many kids use the Benton Buttons out of school club and arrive earlier and leave later.

    Would a Toucan or Puffin crossing on Ainthorpe Gardens at the school overflow car park not be safer. Drivers would be more likely to be stop due to the red light, it would be available 24 hours a day, it could link in with the school walking bus, the crossing are more suitable for the hearing impaired and / or those with reduced mobility.

    The cost seems to be £30k +. The Ministry may be willing to support the case for it given their pedestrian staff are also at risk.

  18. We cross this road every day and absolutely nobody driving in and out of The Ministry stops to let parents and children cross the road without someone there to stop them. Heather is a huge miss and it would be great to have her back. In the meantime could a message possibly be sent to The Ministry staff requesting them to be more courteous when children are trying to get to and from school.

  19. I think that it is unnecessary for the crossing patrol to disappear because the council need to raise money. They need to find other ways to raise money.

  20. I think the junction is very dangerous because it is always busy.It is hard to cross the road because the cars to let you across they just rush to work and dont look.

  21. This is my Mam’s reply to me asking her about no crossing or lolly pop lady

    This road does not directly affect us as we cross at the lights from the fairways estate.
    I agree there should be some form of crossing at the junction as it can get very busy with ministry traffic at the start & end of the school day but I am also of the opinion if children don’t know road safety they should not be coming to school alone.

  22. It is not safe crossing Corchester Walk as it is getting darker sooner making it hard to see people crossing the road. Most of the time the lollipop ladies wear a reflective jacket, making them easy to see and safer to cross the road, but the bad news is they have taken Heather away.
    We leave school at rush hour which means at the same time thousands of people working at the Ministry leave as well, creating traffic jams.
    If the Newcastle city council don’t want to pay to keep children safe, the least they can do is add a pelican crossing, traffic lights or a zebra crossing to assist the pedestrian. Getting these children a safer road crossing will give peace of mind to parents and carers.
    Sadly, younger kids find it scary crossing roads without the lollipop ladies.
    My final points are you can’t put a price on a child’s safety, even the £212,000 the council saved from taking away the lollipop ladies and all my recommendations above will not be able to replace the friendly, smiling face of Heather who made all young people feel welcome at school.

    By Stewart and Cathlene ( Stewart’s Mum )

  23. I don’t think it’s fair to take the lollipop lady away as it endangers many students/kids and sometimes it even puts parents lives at risk. Bring our lollipop lady back!!

  24. Whilst we do not use this entrance to and from school I am very aware of what a dangerous area Four Lane Ends is becoming due to the sheer volume of traffic now using this area. Corchester Walk is a particularly bad spot due to families going to and from school. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people when arriving or leaving work are only focussed on their journey and not on what is happening around them, leaving pedestrians in a very vulnerable position. Surely the safety of our children should be a top priority? Please NCC why have you decided this is not so?
    The return of a crossing patrol at this point would be the best solution as I feel cars will actually stop and take notice of a lolipop person. A zebra crossing would not have the same effect as cars would simply block the crossing, therefore pedestrians would still be negotiating dangerous traffic. Good luck children with your letters, I hope that Newcastle City Council take them seriously

  25. The absence of a school crossing patrol at Corchester Walk is an accident waiting to happen. If there were traffic lights or a zebra crossing this would make the journey to school for many students, parents, grandparents etc a lot safer. Zebra crossings are white markings painted on a road, I cannot see why the council are not willing to put (at the very least) such a simple safety measure in place since they’ve decided to get rid of the lollipop lady.

    It was proposed at the beginning of the school year that students in years 5 & 6 should possibly (with parents consent) think about making their own way to school in preparation for their journey to high school once the time comes but without a safe route to school for those crossing at Corchester Walk this is not really viable.

  26. This is not negotiable, we are talking about children safety and what crossing patrol is doing is what money cannot buy. They should bring back this service with apologies to students and parents alike.

  27. We need the Lolly pop lady back it is for the safety of everyone and even though the council is out of money the safety of children come first.

  28. I think it was very silly for the Newcastle City Council to get rid of the lollipop lady because that road does not have any signs or traffic lights. It is a big blow for all those people who have to cross Corchester Walk twice a day. It is also two of my friends Gramdma and Aunty to them.

  29. The junction is very busy with out the lollipop lady we need the lollipop lady back so the children can cross the road but if the council does not get the lollipop lady back we should have something like traffic lights or a zebra crossing.

  30. The NCC (Newcastle city Council) have made the choice of taking away our beloved lolly pop lady who’s a auntie and nana to some to children in school. Why us! Why Corchester walk! That road is one of the busiest roads I know. So we need to try to get her back. The poor lady has lost her job. She’s so nice and I like her because she gives out lolly’s on Friday


  31. My six year old son (year 2) was nearly knocked down here this morning despite crossing with an adult and wearing a bright orange helmet.

    I have tried contacting the security manager at the DSS to convey my concerns regarding this incident but he doesn’t answer his phone!

    Please please be really careful everyone.

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