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Why is it important? Often our friends like doing the same stuff as us, but would it be better to have friends that are different to us so we can learn new things from them? Think carefully about what friendship is and share your ideas. # AntiBullyingWeek , # AllDifferentAllEqual


15 thoughts on “Question of the week!”

  1. A friend is a person who stands by you and helps you get through things and people who are kind to you and plays with you and plays games with you and when people play with you

  2. A friend is someone who has always got your back,a friend is someone who cares, a friend is someone who can share your pain,a friend is someone who can have a laugh with you,a friend is someone who respects you

  3. A friend is someone you rely on and trust. But sometimes you can get in trouble because of them. You can totally be friends with opposite genders! And you get along with them! -Ava and Scarlett

  4. It is when you really like someone and they like you back and you get along well. You play together and make sure you are always nice to them. You can always have more than one friend!!

  5. I think a friendship between somebody is when you have respect in someone or when a friend is finding something difficult and he/she would help.

  6. A friend is a person who will always be there for you when times are tough. So that means FREINDSHIP means you and your friend will alway be there for each other when you times are hardest. There are other things that mean friendship such as: you play games together and much much more!

  7. Frenship is one of the most important things in one and other life’s freinds is someone who sticks up for u when your getting bullied and not bullie u and not someone that uses u for there entertainment

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