Lockerbie week away!

Last week year 6 went on a 4 day trip to Scotland, Lockerbie.

On the way to Lockerbie we sat with our friend trying to amuse our selves for 2 hours.

We did many fun activities but our favarite one was the Crate Stack. So you had a team of 6 people  that all did different jobs. Two people would do the job of passing the crates up to the crate stacker who would stack them up. Three people were in charge of making sure the crate stacker didn’t fall to there doom. (Belaying). Mrs Davidson was ruthless when it came to knocking the crates down. The other teachers all gave a count down. Mrs Davidson didn’t!

You were all put into groups .We were in group 6. Of course we did rafting and boy it was fun. We built the rafts out of barrels , rope and long wooden planks.

Our last activity before we left was climbing. Most of us reached the half way point or above. How ever Richie managed to fly around the wall in his harness around  6 times. He looked like a flapping bird shouting cheese over and over again. In the end he had to come down.

The other activitys were orienteering ,abseiling , hill walk (more like a Hike than a walk) , mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, low ropes , blind trail and archery.

The Food was amazing!!!!!  On the first night we were surprised on how many options there were . Breakfast options were always the same. We had egg and beans and hash browns every day.  Each evening for dinner the was a pudding such as a muffin , cookie , ice cream. Unfortually we missed doughnuts because we left before dinner.

pods. In the pods you would share with 3 or 2 other friends. They were extremely cosy. There was 2 bunk beds on either side of the room. In the middle you could keep your suit cases. This was were we spent our free time. Well whenever we had free time which was very rare.

All together it was the best trip we have ever had!

The End


7 thoughts on “Lockerbie week away!”

  1. was het leuk mogten julie telefoon mee nemen gingen julie kampiren
    het was zeker leuk was het eten leker of vies wat was er met de poep stinkt de poep wat was julie favoriete eten
    did you enjoy taking your phone with julie camps?
    it was definitely fun was the food lekker or dirty what was the poke stinking the poop what was julie favorite food

  2. hallo wij zijn Chahd Romy en Eslam. wij zagen een poost. dat vind wij leuk. was de trip leuk? maar wat voor activieteiten hadden jullie? en waren activieteiten leuk? hebben jullie het leuk gehad? wij hopen dat jullie het leuk hebben gehad.
    hello we are Chahd Romy and Eslam. we saw a poost. we like that. was the trip fun? but what activities did you have? and were activites fun? Did you have a nice time? We hope you enjoyed it

  3. Wat voor activieteiten hebben jullie gedaan. En wat was het leukste wat jullie hebben gedaan. Wat is de leukste vak op school. Als jullie pauze hebben wat doen jullie dan welke spelletjes. Hebben jullie ook iets bijzonders gedaan. Wat vinden jullie het leukste om te doen.En wat zijn jullie leukste hobby,s En wat zijn jullie favorieten eten en een keertje gingen wij naar driefliet en driefliet is een pretpark en wij gingen daar heen en we mogten de laatste twee uurtjes alleen lopen en toen waren ik en nog een paar vrienden waren telaat en toen was de juf heel boos

    What activities have you done? And what was the best thing you did. What is the nicest subject at school. If you have a break, what do you do than any games? Have you done something special? What are you the best to do? And what are your favorite hobbies? And what are your favorites and one time we went to Driefliet and Driefliet is an amusement park and we went there and we could walk the last two hours alone and Then I was and a few friends were counted and then the teacher was very angry

  4. Was het leuk hebben jullie ook anderen spelen gedaan was het leuk in Lockerbie werden jullie niet moe wat zijn jullie lieveling spel en wat zijn jullie hobby,s was die poep niet vies wat is jullie lievelings vak op school wie.Hoi ik ben Lozna en die jullie net gehoord hebben dat is Marwa maar wat heb je gedaan in Lockerbie gezien en heb je cool din gezien heb en heb je de leuk din en video gedaan doei
    ik moet nu weg leuk doei .
    Did you like to play other people did it fun in Lockerbie you did not get tired what are your favorite games and what are your hobbies, that poke was not dirty what’s your favorite subject at school who. Hey, I’m Lozna and that you just heard that’s Marwa but what did you see in Lockerbie and did you see cool din and did you do the good thing and video bye
    I have fun now, bye

  5. Crate stacking was my favourite too because I was flying like a bird when I got to lean back in my harness as if I was on the toilet .You were actually right,Annelie,the food was yummalicious,especially the pizza we had on Thursday night!

    Anyway my least favourite activities were canoeing,kayaking,blind trail,hill walk(more like a hike not a walk),Jacobs ladder,and last,but not the least,abseiling!

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