Banana Mummification!

In Ancient Egyptian times people, including pharaohs, were often mummified after they died. We have investigated what happens during the mummification process but couldn’t find any willing volunteers, so we used bananas instead! We┬áremoved the ‘internal organs’ and threw them away and then packed the ‘body’ with a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda which is similar to the natron used by Ancient Egyptians. This was then wrapped in paper and placed in an airtight ‘coffin’ for three weeks. Today, we unwrapped our mummies to see what had happened. Read on to find out what we discovered!

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  1. Wat grappig dat jullie iets met bananen hebben gedaan.En het is wel intresant.Het waren hele leuke foto’s.Hopelijk was het leuk voor jullie.Toen we de foto’s bekeken vonden we het heel raar omdat de bananen helemaal bruin was.Wat hebben jullie later met die bananen gedaan?Groetjes Sipel en Sema
    It’s funny that you did something with bananas. And it’s interesting. They were very nice pictures. Thankfully, it was fun for you. When we looked at the pictures we found it very strange because the bananas were completely brown. What do you have later with those bananas? Greetings Sipel and Sema

    1. Hi

      After we through the bananas away they were really gross.It was really fun to see what the bananas turned out like.

  2. Wat grappig wat jullie hebben gedaan met de bananen.Toen we de foto’s bekeken vonden we het heel grappig.Omdat de bananen helemaal bruin waren.Voor ons was het heel interesant.En ik hoop dat jullie het leuk hadden.Groetjes Sipel en Sema
    What funny what you did with the bananas. When we looked at the pictures we found it very funny. Because the bananas were completely brown. For us it was very interesting. And I hope you enjoyed it. Greetings Sipel and Sema

  3. This lesson was really fun
    We investigated the bananas ,they were wrinkly and leathery .
    It was weird feeling them at first but them I got use to it, I really enjoyed that lesson .

  4. We cut open our body’s (bananas)and scooped out the guts next we rubbed it with alcoholic hand wash after that we placed cinnamon and natron salt after that we wrapped it in tissue and waited two weeks and then examined the banana

  5. It was really fun mummifying the bananas we got a bit messy though. But for me the best part was scooping out all of the internal organs and replacing them with natron. It shows us what a horrible job it would be to mummify REAL Pharos this week we have also been looking at some of the jobs people did back in Egyptian times. Our group studied the mummification stages it was gross but interesting. I really am looking forward for the rest of our topic.

  6. A few weeks after the experiment we opened the mummified bananas up and found that they were black and leathery. However they had not changed shape. When we opened the one that had not been mummified it was mouldy and wet. The job of mummifying must have been disgusting. The experiment was so fun.

  7. I loved mummifying the banana,especially when we used the natron salt.Honest,one bitter taste will send you straight to heaven.I am also making my own most post on the banana mummification,so I hope you like it!


  8. I really enjoyed this lesson it was really fun.
    The bananas changed to black, and it was leathery and dry because the salt is dry and it obsorbes all the moisture , it also had a rich smell of cinomen
    Me and Chloe named ours Angel , but we had to put Angel in the bin after Mrs . Turner photographed it.

  9. This was one of the most disgusting things I have ever done in class. But it was not real poo in case you were wondering it had lentils in it and it smelt like sugar.

  10. I didn’t expect the bananas to turn out like THAT!!Mine and Imogen’s preserved so well that you could still see the brown spots on it even though the rest of it was pitch black!That lesson was so fun and creative at the same time, I learned SO MUCH!!

  11. I did not think that the bananas would have been preserved. Yes,they did turn black but they still smelt like cinnamon and there was not a spot of mould on them! It smelt like cinnamon because of the spices that we put on to keep it smelling nice. Mine and Annabel’s banana preserved EXTREMELY well. From Imogen xx

  12. I thought the mummy shell AKA banana peel would not change colour but it did, and the colour was black a boring colour. And also I thought it would not be squished but it ended up being squished.

  13. This was so much fun
    First we scooped all the organs out (the mushy bit inside)
    Then we put spices in and salt
    Then we let them sit it felt like ages
    Then when we looked a gain they were completely black

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