Whose Poo?

We’ve had brilliant fun this week in our topic about Ancient Egypt finding out what the different members of the community ate. To find this out, we dissected some Ancient Egyptian ‘poo’ samples to discover whose poo was whose! Read our replies to learn more about the diets of pharaohs, soldiers and peasants!

17 thoughts on “Whose Poo?”

  1. So we enjoyed your poo blog and as wel Zeinab is from England too and she did this experiment in a another school.We both speak English but Trinah is from Africa.
    from Trinah and Zeinab from Hollland

  2. This poop thing got me thimking are we going to do a oparation on poop?
    It was a funny lesson but at the end I didn’t believe it was poop I think it was, chocolate cake.

  3. Dissecting poo has been very fun,though you might get scruffy.Me and Owen found loads of things,and that made me think it would be either the soldiers or the pharaohs poo.In fact,I have 2 pet poos at my house:Patsy and Poppy!But don’t worry,they’re not real poos,they are just cuddly emoji poos!
    Bye for now!


  4. This was the coolest thing I have ever done in school. We had to work out who’s poo was who’s? My group had tweezers , a knife , lots of tiny tubs and the poo. We worked together and discovered that the peasants poo only had lentils and stones. I know stones! The soilders poo had fish bones and lentils and sweet corn. The pharaohs poo was the best. It had fish , lentils , pomegranate seeds , vegetables and raisins.

  5. This is a lesson I’ll never forget ,
    We figured out what ancient Egyptions ate out of their poop,
    There was poop A poop B and poop C , and B was the pharaoh , A was the soldier, and C was the peasant.

  6. This was a very gross day but so much fun!!!!!
    We had three diffrent types of poo a peasants,soldiers and pharaohs
    It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!

    From Priya

  7. EWWWW!!!I can’t decide which lesson was more disgusting,the digestive system or this one!Honestly though it was a creative way to find out about the Egypitions diet instead of just finding out facts and writing them in our books.I learned that Soliders have a lot of protein such as fish bones.Pesants have a lot of stones that have been grained into the food because they can’t afford food without them.Finnaly,Pharos also have a lot of fish bones and exotic fruit because they are sort of expensive and Pharos can affor a lot of food!

  8. This topic was a pretty gruesome topic but it gave us a good understanding of the diet’s of ancient Egyptian peasants,soldiers and Pharaohs. A was the soldiers B was the pharaohs and C was the peasants! Of course it wasn’t real poo but it did play the part for us little archeologists! From Imogen xx

  9. It was gross but worth it and I was in a team with Jonny, Priya,Oscar,Eesa and pranav Aka (blue table.) we all had a blast I would say ma favourite part of to was when I saw the look on everybody’s faces when they heard it was poo!

  10. This topic was pretty disgusting and gross . However everyone was doing it. We had to check all the things that were in that poo, and had to identify the grains inside it. Although the topic was mummification !!!

  11. I know I did it my self and it was fun. My friends were scared of me putting my hands in it and getting the food out but I did it and it was soooo fun.

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