Question of the week!

‘ Can kindness change the world?’

Karma is the idea  that if you act well, things will be good, and if you act badly, things will be bad. Do you agree with this? Is it good to be kind all the time to everyone? What do you think would happen if everyone did this? Think about how kindness makes you feel. Is it more important to be kind to yourself or to others, or is it of equal importance? Think about the effect of kindness and unkindness on the world

Ancient man of the ice

Sarah’s review of: Ancient man of the ice
Author: Maggie Blake
Genre: Non-Fiction

Ancient Man of the Ice is about the discovery of a mummified body in the Tyrolean alps in Austria. The body was from over 5000 years ago in the Copper Age.

I like the fact that there are pictures to show the body and diagrams. There are many facts and it was amazing to discover the body. I would rate it 3/5


I was really excited for Halloween it was just meant to be a friend over but it turned into a bit of a party we went trick or treating around the block and got about 50 sweets it was so  fun. There were so many scary house including Romans house, Ambers house, Sarah house and OBVIOUSLY my house!!!😏😉 I hope you had fun too. happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

Bonfire night is a really fun time because there is fireworks to watch and if you live close Novos knowing that a few of other people who go to our school will come as well the only downer is the coldness! Brrrrrrrr! Happy bonfire night!!!


Me and my friend Maya both celebrated Halloween she went trick or treating and I went to a party.  This is Maya, I went to my friends house in gosforth and we got so many sweets. I went as a vampire witch.  Hi this Lucy, I went to a Halloween party on the 28th but wait for this… the caretaker of my school was there! It was so awkward oh yeah I went as Chihero from Spirited Away and my mum went as No-Face from the same movie. My sister was soo cute she was wearing a spider costume, helping herself to crisps and dancing crazily!

My holidays…

Hi!Im Nicholas and I’d like to tell you about my holidays off school.

My holiday was pretty boring,really,because I stayed at home.But most of the days I went to my Grandmas house.Ill tell you what I did there.


Today it was raining,yes,the boring rain.But my Grandad took me around the block to walk their pet dog,Alfie.Every time we done the same boring routine:Around a back lane,along the grove,and back to no.20 The Oval.


In the afternoon,I done a “Where’s Wally” jigsaw with Grandma.I didn’t quite complete it before Mam came and picked me up,because it was a 250 piece jigsaw.Mind you,it would be nice to complete it,wouldn’t it?So try your best!


Today was a long time,because I got to Grandmas an hour early.I normally get there by 9:00,but Mam picks me up at 15:00.We had chilly for lunch,which is just spicy mince with kidney beans and onions.I thought it was real tasty,so get that mouth out!😛


At Grandmas,I ate sausages and mash for lunch.🍴.I was also served with Brussels sprouts and a Yorkshire pudding.I finished first,which is quite achieving.Usually Grandad finishes first,but I managed to scrap it up before him.For dessert,there was rice pudding.Man,it was relish.

On Friday,Me,Mam and Dad went to this posh restaurant called Amicis.Me and Mam shared potato skins and garlic bread for starters.The mains were a Pollo pizza for me,which was chicken and garlic.Me an d Dad had iced cream for dessert 🍨,and just to say,I was like”Nom Nom”with mine.Now that’s some good food!

Agoodgoodbye for now!

My special award

Hi I’m called Ruby Rose and I have a dad. We both have the same personalities outgoing. We also have similar hobbies such as footy wildlife and fishing to name a few . Why I am writing this post is because I was on Holliday in Devon and on the last my mum and dad gave me a surprise I would be going on my first fishing trip ever I was soooo exited. When I got there I was taught how to fish and what to do and what not . Then I was set off to fish on my own after my lesson we went for lunch .we got chips from the chip shop. After lunch we were set off to fish by our self and it was soooooo fun . In the end we (me and my dad) caught 13 fish but technically I caught 15 but 2 got away when I was bringing them in . It rained a little but the day was great. At the end I got a certificate for talking part in the international  fishing .

bye from Ruby Rose

P.S Don’t forget I would like to know if you have been fishing before and what your story’s are.

And if any teachers have photos of ME fishing please can you make a comment with them on because I can figure out how to put the photos of me fishing on!


Having A Brace

Hello my name is Thomas and today I am going to be talking about what it is like to have a brace.

I have this thing called a cleft pallet. A cleft pallet is were 1 or 2 sides of your lip is disconnected at birth. However you probably won’t remember this part because your around 3 months old you have a operation were they sew the parts of your lip together, connecting your lip.

At the minuet I have a removable brace but on Thursday the 26th October I am going to have a fixed brace put in, to keep my teeth in the right place for my operation which I am having some time in November.

My next post that I will be writing about having a brace will probably be after my operation sometime in November.

Thank you for reading